Android XMPP Adventure

I have finally come to the XMPP API while reading the SDK documentation.
SDK m5 is using package for XMPP.

I give it a try via writing a demo application but did not work at first, message is being sent but cannot be received. I spent hours on it and could not achieve what I wanted. In the morning, I go for it again and it did not work.

I had a job on a remote server and tried to connect on it via tsclient. But it is timed out.

Then, I start to think about "firewall"ISM! Yes, my router(Speedstream/Siemens) firewall security is set to "high" and when I set it to low everything start to work!

When I find the GTalkService's direct IP and ports which are used to communicate I will set the rules for my router and it will be secure to work on:)


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