Web Server Extensions 2.0 Error

I need to install Web Server Extensions(WSE) 2.0 into my Windows XP box. I have downloaded it from internet and ran the .msi file. Runtime option was enough for me to run my project and I started installation. However, at the end of installation an error came up.

Error 1001. Unknown Error InstallUtilLib.dll CorBindToRuntimeHost.

And all the installed files rolled back. I had .NET Framework 3.5 but this installer needs version 1.1. I uninstalled my 3.5, 2.0 versions of framework and installed framework 1.1 in order to be able to run WSE 2.0 on my box.

After installing framework 1.1, WSE installed successfully and I reinstalled framework 3.5 to continue my work.


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