Android Emulator Skin without Keyboard

The default skin of the Android emulator contains a keyboard which fills nearly half of the screen. Since I do not use the keyboard inside the emulator, I have created a new skin file which does not have a keyboard in it.

You can download the file from here.

Extract the tarball into $ANDROID_DIR\tools\lib\images\skins directory. By this way, once you open the Eclipse, from "Run As" command open "Run Configurations" window move to "Target" tab and you will be able to choose the skin w/o keyboard("BILGICIFTLIGI-LAYOUT-P") from the dropdownlist. Optionally, if you wish you can use "-skin " start-up option of the emulator for the same purpose.

The default usage is for portrait; however, you can use it as landscape via pressing Ctrl+F12 after running the emulator.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this. This is the first skin I found that just worked perfectly without the need to make further scaling adjustment! I have tried many skins but they all need some scale tweaking.
Unknown said…
Or you could simply use -noskin option
Anonymous said…
How to use it in the Monodrod in a macbook.


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