Deleting a tag attribute inside web pages

I need to delete an HTML tag attribute that is inside many of my web pages. For this I was planning to create a simple Perl script that will delete all the occurrences of the specified regex for the attribute in files.
However, I remembered that Visual Studio has a Find & Replace tool that also provides regex functionality.

What I simply do is;

1. Open the "Find & Replace" window, choose Look in as "Current Project".
2. Expand the File options and check "Use" checkbox and pick "Wildcards" or "Regular Expressions".
3. Since I am going to use a wildcard in the middle of the tag attribute value, I pick "Wildcard" option for easier replacement.
4. Type the regex according to "Wildcard" syntax which you can find via clicking the triangle button next to "Find what:" textbox. Mine is bilciftligi="*"
5. "Replace with:" textbox is empty in order to delete the matching tags with their data.

That's it, so simple.


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