SQL Server 2005 Express to 2008 Express

I faced with two simple problems, while I was moving from MS-SQL Server 2005 Express(SQLS2005E) 2005 to MSSQL Server 2008 Express(SQLS2008E).

First of all, I received a warning that I cannot change a table when the changes I made require the table re-creation.
This is something new in SQLS2008E, then I go to Tools>Options>Designers and make sure that "Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation" option is unchecked.

Another interesting behavior in SQLS2008E that when you navigate to see Stored Procedure within Object Explorer via Databases>DBName>Programmability>Stored Procedures it says "See Object Explorer Details for objects in this folder" and just shows the System Stored Procedures in the Object Explorer window. You can view the object explorer details from the View menu but I always use F7 shortcut for that.


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