My New Android Dev Phone 1

Finally, I bought my developer phone from Google. I think I am the first developer using this phone in my country.

What I have found on the phone;

Keyboard is the best keyboard that I used on my mobile devices.(much better than Blackberry and iPAQ)

The trackball is very useful, makes life easier to navigate.(better than arrow keys)

Setting up the internet connection is a child toy and it works seamless and really fast.(better than iPAQ)


The keys on the front screen are so flat and not easy to feel the key.(simple emboss on those keys can be helpful)

Although the trackball is useful, it does not give you the feeling of quality that you have in Blackberry.

Peeling of the back cover for the battery and sim card changes is really hard because the teeth of the cover is very fragile!

I like the information message on device: "no robots were harmed in making this product":)


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