Google Mail in Germany?

I came to Germany three weeks ago and I would like to share a few of my experiences here.

First of all when you try to go from your favorite browser you face with something like in the attached picture. Yes, you see it right, you need to type instead of

I ate "spatzle"(type of pasta) and drink a lot of "apfel saft mit wasser"(apple juice with mineral water). They both taste really good to me.

Everyone is happy and greeting each other in case of an eye-contact. The words generally used are "Halo", "Guten Tag" at first and in the end they conclude with "tschüss" and "Tschau". I like the decency of the local people, they are so kind.

The biggest disappointment was the German language only instructions on the items. Once you go to a shop, you need to know what "Rind, Schwein, Hähnchen and Puten" mean; otherwise, since there is no English translation on them, you need to guess what you are going to eat from the picture.

Sundays are off. Yes, you cannot go outside for shopping because all(nearly) the shops are closed. However; if you have internet connection and no limit to buy from the web:)

As a tourist, these are my impressions for now, Tschau;)


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