VMware Player on Linux

Today, I would like to talk a little bit about my working environment nowadays.

There is a fresh Ubuntu 8.10 installation on my old(but gold) Thinkpad. I have VMware Player on it which contains a copy of my company's Windows XP operating system. At first time, I had a feeling that it will be very slow to work from a VMware installation but it works really fast on my machine!

If you want to make your VMware faster, you can goto your VMware image directory and change the "memsize" property of the corresponding *.vmx file according to your needs.

For instance you can increase the amount of memory dedicated to VMware to 2Gb as;
Open an editor from your console >gedit ~/vmware/yourWindows.vmx
and change memsize property to memsize = "2048".

If you are like me and feel more comfortable when coding on a linux box, it worths a try.

Happy coding...


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