Android Dev Phone 1.5 Cupcake Upgrade

Since I am one of the few guys who has Android OS enabled phone in my location, I wanted to be the first one to try the newest upgrade.

Before the upgrade I have two questions in my mind;
1. Will all of my applications be deleted after new OS installation?
2. Will all of my settings(APN settings) be deleted after new OS installation?
3. Will my Android Dev Phone work in at least same performance as before after the new OS installation?

After following instructions at and picking the upgrade option; "If you are flashing your device using the recovery-image method, you need to download a recovery image package and a radio image package only.".

In ~20 minutes, I have the newest cupcake version on my lovely Android Dev Phone without any problem.

For the answers of the questions before the upgrade;
1. No, all of my applications reserve their installed state and all of them are working.(non-working ones should recompile their applications with sdk 1.5, it is not related with the OS upgrade). Some of the working applications without re-installation; aHome Lite, fBook, Hi MSN, ConvertAll..
2. No, my APN setting from my telecommunication carrier(Turkish GSM) is reserved.
3. Yes, it works as good as the v 1.0 performance, I cannot get the difference in the performance right now.

* Boot time is taking a little bit longer than the previous version.


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