Having a Notebook Stand

Once I am fed up with my neck aches, I decide to buy a notebook stand for my desk. There are a lot of brands and model that meets different needs. After comparing them according to my needs, I come up with Logitech Alto Wireless stand.

Here is the list what I like and dislike with my new notebook stand.

1. My neck aches are drastically reduced.
2. Helped to recover my healthy posture from my gorilla posture.
3. High quality equipment and looks really handsome.
4. Wireless freedom for the keyboard let you move to sofa without using control.

1. The biggest issue is, it conflicts with my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0. Once I plug my MS mouse into the usb hub, keyboard does not respond well while I am using the mouse. This is something really annoying and I have to buy a compatible Logitech mouse.
2. Delete, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down have different layout than the standard one.
3. Personally I do not like the location of indicators of NumLock and CapsLock. They are located on the monitor part, not on the keyboard side.
4. Hang on to your hat, keyboard does not have Scroll Lock!!!


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