HTC Magic ADB Connection Problem

I am using my physical Android G1 Dev Phone for development(debugging) purposes without any problem. When I get my HTC Magic this week, I face with ADB driver problem on Windows XP (Pro SP3). It cannot detect my device and says that the driver file is not appropriate for my new device.

After searching a little, I have found that the device model is not specified in the .inf file. I am attaching the updated .inf file and you can just direct your driver installation to this file for HTC Magic. You can download the Windows XP driver* from here. It worked successfully for me.

You need to uninstall previously installed drivers if you have any for HTC Magic.

In order to understand whether it is working or not, just ask for adb devices from command prompt and see your device being listed there.

* Use the driver file with "AS IS" bases and I am not responsible for any damage to any of your devices.


Jess said…
While installing this driver it asks for "The file 'androidusb.sys' on ADB Interface Installation Disk is needed.

Where can I get this file?
sacoskun said…
Hey Jess,

You can find that file from your android sdk directory. The directory should be /android-sdk-windows-1.5_r2/usb_driver/ for the relase 2.

Hope it helps.
Unknown said…
Thank you very much ^^. This is the 1st gift after 09/09/09 for me.

and yes, the adb interface could be found in the driver package that I think you could find it easily on the internet. It's only the android_usb file that didn't work( atleast for me)

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