Electronic Card Wall

While discovering the booths at CodeMash, I see a cool idea which is called "Electronic Card Wall". This is a physical white board which interacts with project management softwares for agile development teams.

On the board there are phases for project tasks and these phases are aligned horizontally side by side. The phases include Backlog, Iteration Backlog, In Progress, Complete and etc. There are cards which contain the task details for specific tasks. You can hang those cards to their current phase, and move them when they change their phase.

Until here, everything looks very similar what we are doing in our projects. But these cards have chips on them and when you move a task from one state to another you swipe it to the appropriate state. For instance, you hang a card to "In Progress" phase and you want to move it to "Complete" phase. What you need to do it swipe the card(task) that you want to move to the "Complete" phase card reader. By this way, the data will be automatically saved to the computer or your favorite project management tool.

In short, this project makes physical interaction to be synced by your project management software tool. It is still in beta but worth to try out. You can see the details from here.


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