Go to Definition in Visual Studio

Alright Visual Studio 2010 is about to release(in RC) but as far as I see in order to go to the definition of a class(or variable) in code we still need to right click and select "Go to definition" link from the pop-up which is not developer friendly in my opinion.

For instance in Eclipse developer can jump to the definition of a class(or variable) via holding control key and clicking on the text with mouse. Which is possible in Visual Studio with an extension.(http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/4b286b9c-4dd5-416b-b143-e31d36dc622b)

What I suggest is making the middle button(scroll) click of mouse to jump to definition of a class(or variable) directly when your mouse pointer is over it. Please comment down if I am the only one who is using "Go to definition" link very often and fed up with right+left click combo.


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