jQuery hide show Method Does Not Work in Chrome

Yes, last week I have realized that hide() and show() methods are working perfectly on Firefox and IE but not on Chrome! The jQuery code does not give any error on Chrome but does not apply the action(hide or hide the div) either.
Until now I was using jQuery 1.3.2 and I saw that there is a newer version on their site 1.4.2 !
Then, I updated to the new version of the jQuery JavaScript library and same code started to work on Chrome also.

What do we get from this? Check new versions of libraries more often than not.


SH4RK said…
I catch this problem in last week. I updated to 1.4.2, but the problem exists....
sacoskun said…
Is your jQuery action working on Firefox or IE without any problem?
Anonymous said…
@Generic: you're stupid.

@sacoskun: I have run into this issue as well
Joshua Smith said…
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seo reseller said…
Be sure to check all coding lines to troubleshoot.
Michael Carver said…
Also encountered the same problem, but found out that the issue was that the Wiki backend included an older version of JQuery. I just used the core JQuery function noConflict() to fix the problem.

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