Code Faster - Developer Keyboard

Today I want to announce a great tool for all developers!

SleekKeys - developer keyboard!

I have been using SleekKeys for 2 weeks and I am sure that I am coding faster on Visual Studio editor since then. Sorry Linux/Mac folks, this works only on Windows operating system.

How does SleekKeys work?
SleekKeys remaps Home, End, arrow keys, and even mouse events on to your standard keyboard layout.
By this way, you do not need to memorize or get used to the new location of your Delete key any more!
SleekKeys is activated when Caps Lock is on, and deactivated when Caps Lock is off.

Here are some mappings when Caps Lock is on:
U = Home
O = End
M = Delete
I,J,K,L = arrows
P = Backspace
E,S,D,F = mouse movement
W = mouse right click
R = mouse left click

That simple! You can download and try it for free from , no registration required!

I bet you will like it, if not just comment here:)


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