How to unlock t-mobile android phone?

This is an easy process and it takes around 24-48 hours to have your phone unlocked.

First, you need to call t-mobile and tell them that you have an Android phone and you want to unlock it. Be sure that your phone is with you since they will ask the IMEI number for the application. (*#06# is the code for the IMEI number)

Once you are done with the application on the phone, they say it will take 24-48 hours to process your request. While waiting that period be sure that your account meets the following criteria;
- Must be active for at least 60 days
- Must have a balance of at least $10.00 or have had a refill placed on the account within the last 30 days

If you qualify, then you will be able to use your phone overseas when you travel.


Joshua Smith said…
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Unknown said…
Nice information sharing.Sometimes t-mobile customer support will not response properly due to some other reason ,in such time you can get unlocking service from provider .Legal protection for people who unlock their mobile phones to use them on other networks expired.According to the claims of major U.S. wireless carriers, unlocking a phone bought without your carrier's permission violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) whether the phone is under contract or not. So you can unlock your mobile by using software unlock method or by any other online vendor like like

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