CodeMash 2011 Event Program

Here is a great mobile event program application for CodeMash 2011 ...
It is both for web and mobile(iphone only for now) with unique capabilities.

Here is the address;

If you browse this URL from an iPhone, it shows up mobile interface in which you can easily navigate.
Whereas, if you browse this URL from a standard web browser, interface looks like a traditional web application.

What is different in this application?
1. There is a "Scheduler" tool in which you can create an automatic schedule for yourself via rating sessions. Scheduler automatically, finds overlapping sessions and brings you an appropriate schedule.
2. While giving ratings for the sessions, "Scheduler" displays recommended ratings for your non-rated sessions via using ratings given by other Codemashers.
3. You can easily share the session you like or attending via facebook or twitter with one click link.
4. Standard web interface provides online chat(like mIRC:) functionality for Codemashers. It can be useful during the conference for quick chats!

If you have any questions or suggestions or bug reports, please use .

Have fun during the CodeMash 2011 conference...


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