Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Partnership

I really like the action that Elop took by dropping old Symbian and moving to a new OS but this is a little late shift. May be a better time could be during the increase of Androids or at the first release of WP7.

In a few months there will be tablet explosion from Androids and iPad 2 will be out there as well. Therefore it seems Nokia and WP7 will miss the recent tablet war. On the other hand, as Elop mentioned during the talk, they know that WP7 is not the best OS out there but they believe Nokia can add value to WP7 via adding unique(I hope) features. That's right, if Nokia and Microsoft can bring a really unique device like iPhone did in '07, this will be a game changer otherwise they will be just following Android and iPhone from a far distance.

Microsoft missed the iPhone(touch phones) and iPad(tablets) battles, I hope they are getting ready for a new era of devices with Nokia partnership.

What do you think?

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