Xcode 4 and iOS SDK 4.3 Access Denied Download Problem

If you are getting Access Denied error while trying to download new XCode, it means you need to accept the license agreement.(yes I do agree, why does not Apple just put a link to that page as "click here to see the agreement" rather than just saying Access Denied?)

Anyways, here is how you can read and sign the new agreement;
1. Go to "Member Center" on top right corner.
2. You will see a yellow line which says there is a new agreement you need to sign to access developer resources.(why does not this show up when I login? I do not know!?)
3. Read and sign new agreement.

You are done, go to Dev Centers->iOS. Click on Downloads and "Download XCode 4".

Happy coding...


ray hatfield said…
Wow. That's incredibly unintuitive. Thanks for the tip!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip.
Anonymous said…
Thanks dude. I would never have worked that one out. Excellent UX design Apple!
rob said…
this is what everyone's saying to do, but i did that this morning and got the P1 error when i tried to download afterwards. my account says that i'm up to date on all my legal agreements, so it looks like a bigger bug than a bad UI.
sacoskun said…
Hello Rob, since I already switched to iOS 5, I do not know the current state of iOS 4.3 problem.
Anonymous said…
Awesome...... thx a lot

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