How to Decide on a MacBook Model?

One of my friends ask for my recommendation on purchasing a new MacBook for his wife who will not use the laptop for heavy computations.

Here is my respond;

Luckily, there is a MacBook model for everyone !

If she is not going to write any code and does not care about upgrading the memory, I would suggest 11'', 13'' MacBook Air for portability.

If she wants faster performance, or she may use it for heavy work rather than just browsing the web, I would suggest 13' MacBook Pro.(i5 or i7)

If she wants to listen music on her MacBook Pro, then I would suggest 15'' which has speaker on each side of the laptop. But 15'' models are more expensive(faster processor) and larger/heavier than 13'' indeed.

For other needs 17'' could be an option but not good for you of course. If you are thinking to purchase a 17'', I would strongly recommend looking to iMacs.

Are you going to buy a used/second hand? If not generally, it is better to purchase the new device from Apple's web site or store with international warranty. They sometimes have special rebates on printers and your printer comes for free if you buy a MacBook Pro.

If you are planning to purchase over Amazon or eBay for used models, make sure you are purchasing the new model '11. Models in '10 look exactly the same but the specifications are lower than '11 models.


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