Google IO 2011 Experience

I have been to Google IO first time this year and I really enjoyed the fun there.

Location of the conference is easy to find and very close to Market/Powell street which you can travel via multiple public transportation options.

I choose cable car to go to Moscone Center. Cable car is a little slow but as a tourist it is fun to travel with.

Registration is easy and fast(for 5k people), I spend 5-6 minutes to get my badge.

Once you register, thousands of people are gearing up (with Google T-shirts) and moving to breakfast.

After breakfast, everybody goes to keynote room and Vic announces a new tablet will be given to all attendees. With our new tablets, we attend multiple sessions all day long.

There is a party at the end of first day, and you can see&play with the new electronic toys from multiple teams(e.g. GM, MIT)

Second day, Vic announces new chromebook will be given to all attendees around June 15th. I like this announcement more than the previous one personally :)

Food: GREAT (breakfast:7/10, lunch:9/10, dinner:9/10)
Fun : GREAT (party and all day stuff are awesome)
Sessions: GOOD (generally great but a few of them are below my expectations)
Attendees: GREAT (wise and friendly)
Location: GREAT (plugs everywhere, great WiFi)

To be honest, conference is seamless and I cannot complain on something!
Strongly recommended !


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