Google Checkout Session Notes at Google IO

Online payments; $300 billion in the US, $8 trillion in the world.

Shopping cart can be created with javascript.
There are Checkout API, Cart API, and Merchant Calculations API.

Removes the need of SSL certificate requirement.
Custom shipping can be added in addition to google checkout shipping.
3 clicks to complete checkout.
4 minutes(can be set) to complete checkout.
Specific mobile interface for the checkout process.
Very easy to setup.
Separation between Donate(non profit) and Support(no need to be non profit) buttons.
Special charge back flow(devs do not need to care about that workflow)
Fraud protection.
Supports micro payments.

US&UK only!
No split payment option.
No promotion code entry for mobile devices.
No inventory buffer.(when multiple people add same items into their carts and before/just after they complete the checkout one of the items is sold out.)
You have to sign up with your google account.


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