Upgraded to iOS 5 Beta

Today, I upgrade to iOS 5 Beta in 30 minutes.

It is an easy and seamless procedure, here are the instructions on how to install iOS 5;

Download iOS 5 Beta firmware package(.ipsw) from developer.apple.com.(~700MB)
Launch iTunes (make sure iTunes is up-to-date)
Connect device to computer
Select your device in the list (e.g.: Filip’s iPhone)
Click the “summary” tab
Hold the Alt key (on Mac OS X) / the Shift key (on Windows) and hit “restore” (as shown in the screenshot below)
iTunes will show a dialog allowing you to select the IPSW file you want your device restored to
Select the IPSW firmware bundle you want to restore to and hit “choose”
In order to sync new iOS 5 Beta, install iTunes 10.5 Beta as well.(~70MB)
Once you install iOS 5 Beta, you can restore your apps and settings from your previous backup from iTunes 10.5 Beta.

That's it, all your previous apps are installed back to your new iOS.

Once you turn on your iPhone, a new welcome screen comes up and asks whether you want to setup iCloud. You can use your apple id to start using iCloud.


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