Best Laptop Keyboards for Programmers

I don't know you guys but for me "keyboard" really matters! I am a touch typist but not a fast one. The following keyboards are great for touch typists of any type. If you are programming on a laptop so much and want to use standard End, Home, Delete keys, try SleekKeys(

1. MacBook Pro - After 2009 (MAC)
This is a great keyboard, only missing keys are windows delete(Fn+delete) and Home/End for me.
On MacBook Pro your wrists can be cut because of the sharp edged design but on macbook air you can have a solid wrist rest. I don't want to comment on mouse since it is the best touchpad by far.

2. IBM Thinkpad (PC)
Keys are really soft and responsive. Home/End/Delete keys are placed in a great layout. I always used trackpoint as a mouse and it was seamless.(I also tried HP's trackpoint but there is much difference!)

3. Asus Eee 1000HE (Netbook)
Since netbooks are small in size, it is always a pain to type. I tried different brands of netbooks IBM, Toshiba, LG, but Asus is by far the best keyboard. Last week I used Samsung Chromebook and if you put that device into netbook category, its keyboard was competitive with Asus. Asus' touchpad is not the best but moderate.

If you like typing and want to type on a decent keyboard, check these devices before you decide your next baby.


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