First Chromebook Experience

My chromebook(Samsung 5 Series) delivered to my apartment today, although the estimated date was 7th of July!

Then, I opened the box and following are the experience that I had;(+ positive, - negative)


+ Slim packaging and easy to open.
+ Device itself is very thin, look nice.
+ Edges of the device are well rounded and do not hurt your wrists.(e.g. MacBook Pro!)
+ Keyboard is better then many of the netbooks around and can compete with MacBook's keyboard.

- Device is heavier than I expect!
- Mousepad looks like MacBook Pro's mousepad but you cannot experience the seamless experience as in MacBook Pro.
- There are two plastic caps for a few of the ports but they feel cheap.


+ Runs fast.
+ Looks very similar to the chrome browser on Windows.
+ Very sleek design and easy to find what you are looking for.

- Theme/style is a little outdated, and needs a better designer for sure.
- Pop-ups open as a new tab.

At the first start, it downloaded/installed the new updates and it took 30 minutes on my 3 Gbit/s connection.


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