Klout Developer API with JQuery

Today I found time to take a look at Klout API for developers. For the ones, who do know what Klout is, I can summarize in two words: "Social Creditscore". If you are not satisfied, take a look at wiki.

The API is very straightforward and easier to use than Facebook's API to be honest. First you need to open up an account on Klout as a developer. Klout is using Mashery for the API support and statistics. Once you register to Klout, you can create multiple Application Keys for your applications which will invoke methods on Klout API. Make sure you have entered the web site address of your application correct. (http://ewenty.com worked for me)

After obtaining an Application Key, you can start invoking methods on the API via jQuery.ajax() calls. Since you are calling cross domain methods, make sure you specify callback parameter. Klout provides both XML and JSON formats for the returned results. (I use JSON)

That's it, your jQuery.ajax() call should return of the objects specified here: http://developer.klout.com/docs/read/Response_Formats

NOTE: Calls are free but there is a limit; you can make up to 10000 calls per days.

Happy coding...


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