Pisti for Android - Popular Turkish Card Game

Pisti is a very easy to learn and fun to play card game. It take 5 minutes to learn the game and you can play it hours long without getting bored!

You can read the instructions from here. Basically, same numbered(regardless of card suit) card takes the cards on the table. If there was only one card and you played the same numbered card then it is called pisti! Also Jack(J) gets all the cards on the table. The idea is to collect as much card as possible.

Anyway, you can read the instruction from the link, what I am going to talk here is my application is published to Android Market today. I have written this application in 2008 and I couldn't find time to publish it. Yesterday, I sat for an hour or two and make this application ready to publish. Believe it or not, after three years I just changed less than 50 lines of code and application built with the latest SDK of Android, that's amazing! You can download the application from https://market.android.com/details?id=com.bilgiciftligi.andpishti&feature=search_result, it is free.

There are two modes; single player or multiple player. In single player you play against your phone and no internet connection is necessary. On multi-player mode, you can play with your Gmail contacts over Wi-Fi or 3G.

Here are a few screenshots:


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