Sandcastle Errors HHC6003

While trying to run Sandcastle, I faced with two errors while building the documentation.

Errors on Sandcastle Help File Builder
HHC6003 : error : The file Itircl.dll has not been registered correctly.

HHC6003 : error : The file Itcc.dll has not been registered correctly.

For some reason on my Windows 7 system, these dll files were not registered. Then, I found these files(you can download as well) and copied them into my C:\Windows\System32 directory and register them via command prompt.

Run the following commands from Command Prompt
C:\Windows\system32>regsvr32 itircl.dll

C:\Windows\system32>regsvr32 itcc.dll

That's it, now I have my .chm for my project documentation.


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