Hudson Script to Auto Deploy

Here is my Hudson script to clear the deploy directories, build the solution and copy the compiled files into deploy directory.

Reset IIS in order to free up directories from any ongoing memory access 

Delete inside of deploy directories rd /Q /S C:\inetpub\GuppyServer_deploy\
rd /Q /S C:\inetpub\GuppyWebSite_deploy\

Build the project solution c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\msbuild c:\Users\ad\.hudson\jobs\guppy\workspace\guppy\trunk\src\Guppy\Guppy.sln

Copy the compiled files back to deploy directory. xcopy /S C:\Users\ad\.hudson\jobs\guppy\workspace\guppy\trunk\src\Guppy\GuppyServer\* C:\inetpub\GuppyServer_deploy\
xcopy /S C:\Users\ad\.hudson\jobs\guppy\workspace\guppy\trunk\src\Guppy\WebSite\* C:\inetpub\GuppyWebSite_deploy\

Hudson runs this script after updating to the latest SVN repository. Happy coding.


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