Sprint in a Nutshell (in scrum)

Here is the short description of our sprint that we used in our previous project.

  • Each "Release/Version" is a sprint in our project.
  • Each sprint takes 2 weeks (including weekends-14 days).
  • Each day everyone in the team will add his/her own stand-up note.(what she has done yesterday, what she is going to do today, and most importantly is there anything which causes problems and does not let him/her go forward.)
  • Last 2 days of each sprint are to complete unit tests, fix bugs and stabilize the release. During last 2 days of sprints no new functionality is added to the system. If a ticket is not completed with unit tests or is not reliable yet, it is moved to the next release but it is not included in the current release. We only work to stabilize the current release for these 2 days.

Happy coding...


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