Car2Go - Car Rental Advertising in a Smart Way

On Friday, I was walking down the street to grab a bite for lunch and I saw tens of Car2Go cars, which are parked next to our building and campus! Not only all these rental cars have the same model but also they have the same body paint. Therefore, if you are walking around there, it is not possible to miss them!

This is a great way of advertising for sure.
1. They catch your attention immediately.
2. People stop and suddenly start counting the cars, taking pictures, laughing, talking about them and giving information (what is unique about Car2Go) to each other while talking.
3. Almost free! (Car2Go cars can be parked to any public parking spot for free)
4. Since it was Friday, people will go out and their cars were waiting outside the building to drive for Friday night fun. Of course they will talk about this situation when they get together with their friends in downtown!

Well done! You can learn more about Car2Go from


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