iOS7 Beta 2 Upgrade, Which apps do not work?

Today, I upgraded my iPhone 5's OS to iOS 7 Beta 2. I was using Beta 1 for a while and Beta 2 is downloaded to my phone automatically and installation took ~10 min.

My friends were asking me that can I use all the apps in iOS 6? Short answer is NO.

Here are the apps that do NOT work:

1. Skype
App opens up normally but when you try to login the app crashes and closes down.
Since Skype does not work, I installed Google Hangout to give a try and it worked without any problem.

2. Podcasts
Yes, Apple's built-in podcasts app does not work in iOS7 Beta 2! I installed free RSSRadio app from App Store. Even, I like the UI of this app more than the original Podcasts app in iOS. RSSRadio works in iOS7 Beta 2 without any problem.


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