IP conflict detected. Click Next to get a new IP address. RT-AC66r and RT-AC66u

Today my router suddenly stopped working around 5pm. The error was about an IP conflict and Asus RT-AC66r router wants me to change the IP to a new one. I tried to get a new from the UI of the router but it did not work.
Here is how I solved the issue:
1. Unplug ethernet connection (DSL or Fiber) of the router.
2. Then power off your router. (if you do not know how to just unplug the router from the power outlet)
3. Wait couple of minutes. (I waited until the router is cool. Yes it was hot!)
4. Plug-in everything back and everything works!

I spent almost 20 min to configure this over the router UI but it looks like just unplugging and replugging solved the issue.


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