SEA to JFK, JFK to Manhattan

Yesterday, I had a red eye flight to JFK from SEA with Delta. This time I choose the comfort economy class and I should say that the bulkhead seat with extra room was great for the sleep in a red eye flight!

Once you land into JFK (Terminal 4), you need to walk a long way to baggage claim and after that you get AirTrain. AirTrain is quick and very convenient to reach Manhattan. You pay the fee of the AirTrain at the end of the trip (possibly Jamaica Station). At this time do NOT pay for train to Long Island! Their machines and menus are next to each other and the interface is not very intuitive for tourists!

Just purchase MetroCard and fill it for one trip or purchase a weekly pass (weekly unlimited pass was $30 at the time of this writing)

Now it is time to enjoy NYC!


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