Post from ZaggKeys Folio iPad mini

Recently I purchased ZaggKeys Folio for iPad mini. I am typing this post from it and not editing my typos to show you how easy or not to type on this small keyboard.

Let's start from the pros:
- As thin as the ipad mini itself
- Lightweight. I vannot say its weight is not noticeable but pretty lightweight.
- Although some of thee keys have different layout, it is possible to touch type.
- Key presses are pretty quite.
- The weight distribbution of the ipadd andd the case is prettyy good.

Now here goes the cons:
- Repeats the characters. I aannot(cannot) say how often it repeats but it looks likee(like) almost 5 peercent(percent) of the time repeats the character that youu have typed. This is pretty annoying to be honest! You are buying a keyboard to type and it cannot type correctly!?
- The plastic feels flimsy and makes noise when you open and lose(close) te(the) lid.

Overall, I like the dessign and quility(for the price) of the product but this repeating characters issue is very annoying. I wil(will) give it one more day to test it and I will decide whether I should keep it or return it.

This is the second with my ZaggKeys Folio for iPad mini and it looks like repeating characters issue is not happening right now. Last night I charged it and may be repeating issue was because of the low battery issues. I am happy to see that it works well after charging the keyboard.

It looks like the repeating characters problem started to happen again with WiFi usage on my iPad mini. It is much less frequent right now but I will send another update if this becomes frustrating again!

Now I am testing Apple's wireless keyboard with my iPad mini but I have not seen any repetition of characters. Also it is much less cramped! I personally believe it is a better investment to purchase a wireless Apple keyboard and a very simple case for your iPad mini. 

I am trying to build a travel environment for my self but it looks like ZaggKeys Folio case is not good for me, returning it back... Apple wireless keyboard and iPad mini with a simple case is the best option for me right now.


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