iOS 7 Beta has expired, how to restore?

If the software (iOS 7 Beta in my case) on your iPhone expires, you cannot use regular way to restore your iPhone if "Find my iPhone" settings is on. What you have to do is turn on "recovery" mode on your iPhone. Once the recovery mode is on, iTunes will ask you for the .ipsw file to restore with.

Here is how to turn on recovery mode on your iPhone:
1. Turn off your iPhone.
2. Plug in the USB side of the charging/connecting cable to your Mac but leave the other side, which plugs into iPhone, unplugged.
3. Hold down the "home" key of your iPhone and plug in the charging/connecting cable to your iPhone while holding down the "home" key.
4. After couple of seconds you will see iTunes logo on your phone and your iPhone is ready for restore!


Anonymous said…
mine wont let me get into my phone it says activation required
Unknown said…
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David said…
So simple, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Saved my ass, thanks.
Anonymous said…

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