Is Porsche a dream car anymore? Porsche vs Tesla

Porsche was my dream car for almost a decade but it is not a car that I want to buy anymore. Let me explain why Tesla Is my new dream. 

First of all technology&design inside the Tesla is much more superior than Porsche. Tesla tries to build the best car in the world,whereas Porsche is trying to keep its 50 years old design with new technology. For instance, although Porsche knows that mid engine layout is better for handling, they are still producing rear engine 911s because of historical reasons! On the other hand, Tesla changes the design(locating batteries in a better way to improve handling) and invent new technology(electric motor with enormous amount of torque and performance) to reach the best results without any fear. 

Secondly, safety is a mistery in Porsches. If you try to find the safety(crash test) of a Porsche, you cannot find any. Why? Is it because Porsche is luxery sports car? This is nonsense! I cannot say a car is safe, if manufacturer is not releasing safety test results of it to the public. Whereas, Tesla released safety results of it new seat model as the safest car ever! Read the article from here

Last but not the least, Tesla is more up to date by all means. Software is getting updates frequently and new models are being designed&manufactured not just to make money but also to solve real world problems in the best way. Tesla smells innovation to me, whereas, Porsche smells history. 

In conclusion, Porsche is not a bad car but it is not in my list of cars I want to buy. Panamera(what an ugly car) was a big mistake. Sound(roar) of the engine for entry level Porsches is not good at all. These are my personal opinions and reasons why Porsche is not in my dream car list anymore. 


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