Best free cloud storage for me

As you know there are a lot of different cloud storage providers these days. Some of my friends were asking me which one is better if they are signing up one right now.
For them, I searched current "stable" cloud storage providers and made the following list.

Need: I want to store very large amount of data (100GB+)
Solution: Amazon Cloud Drive - 1TB ($500/year)

Need: I want to store large amount of data (25GB-50GB)
Solution: Microsoft SkyDrive - 27GB($10/year), 57GB($25/year)

Need: I want free cloud storage and I will never buy a plan.
Solution: Microsoft SkyDrive - 7GB(Free)

Need: I want the most common personal solution (everybody knows and uses) and I do not care about the size of the storage.
Solution: Dropbox - 2GB(Free)

Need: I want an Apple solution, all my devices are Apple, I live in Apple.
Solution: Apple iCloud - 5GB(Free), 25GB($40/year), 55GB($100/year)

Need: I want unlimited version history for all my files.
Solution: SOS Online Backup - 25GB($300/year)

Need: I want to buy a new computer and I will sign up for a cloud storage.
Solution: Google Drive - 100GB(Free with the purchase of a Chromebook)


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