HTML5 Game Business Mistakes

Yesterday I watched a presentation from Piotr Gawle, who presented at onGameStart 2013. You can watch the video from

Here are the 10 mistakes that he mentioned in his talk:

  1. Start without vision
  2. Ignoring need for business plan
  3. Focusing on easy stuff (marketing, coding, business, team building)
  4. Relying on publishers and partners
  5. Going all in
  6. Looking for investors (do or do not, there is no "try")
  7. Asking for opinion from only nice people
  8. Listening/Ignoring advice
  9. Thinking that next huge project will be successful
  10. Skipping prototype
  11. (bonus) Not choosing the name of the company carefully
This was a nice set of mistakes not to do. I like the number 3 with the visual representation like the following.


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