Coinbase Referral Code

Crypto currency was the new phenomenon of 2013 and I believe its popularity will keep increasing in 2014. People are getting more tech savvy and feeling more comfortable spending money online. Nonetheless, the money or commodities are so old school and not mobile in this technology age.  Banks are charging enormous amounts to transfer money, and I do not want to talk about conversion charges at all. I am thinking crypto currencies (e.g. BitCoin) as the gold or silver of the 21st century.

For this reason, couple of days ago I tried to buy couple of BitCoins. Coinbase was my choice for the exchange platform and I opened up a  account. At the sign-up process they give me a discount code. I wanted to share my Coinbase discount code with everyone and whoever uses the following link can get $5 of free BitCoin from Coinbase.


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